Let nature heal you

Second Wind Forest Therapy


What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a gentle, meditative way of being in nature and interacting with it. It is a practice that invites you to experience the natural world with all your senses. Through this practice you can experience a surprising healing effect and a deep connection to the natural world. Forest Therapy walks are slow, rarely longer than two kilometers and have limited elevation change. The standard walk is 2.5 hours long and finishes with a communal tea experience. In a world filled with speed and stress we often lose touch with the natural world. This practice can heal our relationships to ourselves and all beings.

Why practice Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy, also known as Forest Bathing, is based on the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku and it has a range of physical and psychological benefits. Trees release chemicals called Phytoncides that help trees stay healthy. Is it any surprise that when we walk in the forest it helps us stay healthy? Phytoncides can act as an immune booster to our bodies. Walking at a slow pace and opening your senses to the wind, sun and sounds of the forest lowers the stress hormone cortisol, lowers blood pressure and lowers heart rate. Being in the forest enhances feelings of calmness and wellbeing, in turn fighting anxiety and depression that may lead to burn out. Cognitive function and sleep patterns may improve with Forest Therapy and pain may decrease. Forest Therapy can lead to profound spiritual experiences of awe and gratitude.


Whether you’re curious about the practice of Forest Therapy or you’re ready to book a forest experience¬† I’m happy to answer any questions.